Al Ittihad Coach Denies Conflict with Karim Benzema


Al Ittihad Coach Nuno Santo has dismissed all rumors of a strained relationship with Karim Benzema as entirely baseless.

Shortly after joining Al Ittihad, there were reports of discord between Benzema and the head coach. It was suggested that Coach Nuno Santo did not want to acquire Benzema and had turned down the player’s offer to become team captain. In response, Benzema, seemingly unhappy, was reportedly considering leaving the Saudi Arabian club shortly after joining.

However, Coach Nuno Santo has recently spoken out to deny any conflicts. He told RMC Sport, “I’ve seen reports claiming that there’s a rift between me and Benzema. Everyone knows that I’ve heard these rumors, and of course, they are entirely unfounded.

Saat Benzema Mengalah Kasih Penalti ke Rekannya

I have no disagreements with any of the players. We have a strong team, and I’m content with the players I have. Furthermore, Al Ittihad is pleased to have Benzema in the squad.

Regarding Benzema’s situation, he’s happy on the field. As everyone can see, Benzema is eager to play for Al Ittihad. I understand what’s happening within the team, and I reiterate that the relationships within the club are very, very good.”

HLV Al Ittihad phủ nhận mâu thuẫn với Karim Benzema 1

Benzema has also expressed that there are no conflicts with the head coach. In the latest match, the French player scored his first goal of the season in the Saudi Pro League. Al Ittihad continues to lead the league after the first three matches.

Karim Benzema scores first league goal in Saudi Arabian top flight | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports

Shоrtly аfter rumоrs оf Benzemа’s аllegeԀ cоnflict with Cоаch Nunо Sаntо surfаceԀ, there were wiԀespreаԀ repоrts оf аl IttihаԀ’s interest in Mо Sаlаh. Hоwever, Cоаch Klоpp hаs аsserteԀ thаt there is nо truth tо the rumоrs оf Sаlаh leаving Liverpооl this summer.

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