After 1 year, the dog with muzzle necrosis in Ben Tre has recovered like this!

After 1 year of being cared for and treated by the ARC Vietnam (Animal Rescue & Care) rescue team, the dog that was forced to be muzzled to necrosis in Ben Tre is now healthy, the previous day’s wound has completely recovered.

On July 21, 2015, photographer Dien Nguyen accidentally saw this dog in Viet Sinh Urban Area (Ba Tri District, Ben Tre). He said that at that time, he saw that the dog’s muzzle had had necrosis of the skin, so he did not dare to remove the tape for fear that the glue would strip the skin of the muzzle. Soon after, the dog ran away so he didn’t know how to save it.

On the evening of July 22, 2015, after the search efforts of a group of young people in Saigon and Ben Tre, the dog with masking tape was found and promptly rescued.

1 year has passed, this dog is currently being cared for at the ARC Vietnam rescue team and has the name Lucky (the name given to the dog – with the meaning of luck). On July 23, on the fanpage of the rescue team, a picture of Lucky dog ​​was posted 1 year later, making many people extremely emotional.

“You know, today has been a year since little Lucky was brought back to the ARC. She went through many ups and downs to finally become the healthy girl she is today. Thank you, thank you to everyone who made this miracle come true!”.



Lucky dog ​​image after a year of being cared for. (Photo: Facebook fanpage ARC Vietnam)

The health of the boneless dog, whose muzzle was covered with necrosis, has gradually improved with the care and love of the rescuers. After 1 year, Lucky has recovered physically, the snout no longer shows signs of sores, the body also gained weight significantly due to being fully fed. The healthy image of the dog with a fully recovered wound has touched many people.

“The wound is completely healed, thank you to all the rescue team, you did a great job. It’s so heartwarming to see a healthy dog,” BH shared.

“It’s amazing, I thought this dog wouldn’t be able to recover but it’s really good! Thank you everyone, continue to take good care of the dog!” another confided.





Picture 1 year ago when the dog was muzzled, emaciated because he could not eat. (Photo: Facebook D.N)



The dog with duct tape on its snout was found on the evening of July 22, 2015.



Looking back at these pictures, many people are extremely touched to see that Lucky the dog has now fully recovered. (Photo: Facebook D.N)

Previously, on July 21, 2015, the image of a dog appearing in the Viet Sinh urban area in Ben Tre, thin and boneless, forced to snout, was shared on social networks that really made many people feel sad. distant.

Immediately after being discovered, netizens urgently called on the community of dog lovers to search for them. After tireless efforts, just a day later, the dog was found in a field in Binh Tay commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province and was promptly rescued.

With the hope of helping the dog soon win his life, early in the morning of July 23, a team of doctors and support teams from Saigon arrived in Ben Tre, urgently performing treatment for the dog with a muzzle necrosis because gum. The whole group could not hold back their tears when removing the masking tape from the dog’s snout, both sad and happy to have saved the poor dog.


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