Más de 20 ideas de tatuajes de barcos de papel para hombres y mujeres

Paper Boat Tattoo Ideas es uno de los diseños de tatuajes más sencillos. Puedes hacerte tatuajes de barcos de papel en muchos estilos y colores diferentes.

Hay algo tan relajante en simplemente flotar, disfrutando del paisaje que te rodea. En este artículo, repasaremos algunas ideas diferentes de tatuajes de barcos de papel para hombres y mujeres, ¡e incluso discutiremos dónde te gustaría usar uno! Este artículo comparte las 21 mejores ideas de tatuajes de barcos de papel para hombres y mujeres.

Si está buscando una idea de tatuaje divertida y creativa, esta lista de tatuajes de barcos de papel es el lugar perfecto para comenzar. Estos diseños varían en estilo, tamaño, simbolismo y significado, por lo que seguramente encontrará algo que le llame la atención.

Los tatuajes de barcos de papel simbolizan diferentes cosas: “viajar por la vida”, “un vehículo para el cambio” y más. Por supuesto, todos tienen su interpretación, ¡pero encontrarás que los tatuajes de barcos de papel son una excelente opción de diseño de tatuaje para todos!

¿Qué significan los tatuajes de barcos de papel?

Hay algunas interpretaciones diferentes de lo que significan los tatuajes de barcos de papel. Algunos creen que representan la fragilidad de la vida y cómo incluso el más fuerte de nosotros puede ser derribado por algo tan simple como un trozo de papel.

Otros los ven como un símbolo de esperanza, que representa cómo aún podemos encontrar una manera de flotar por encima de todo, incluso en los momentos más oscuros. Cualquiera que sea el significado, los diseños de tatuajes de barcos de papel son diseños únicos y llamativos que seguramente harán una declaración.

Aquí hay algunas ideas de tatuajes de barcos de papel:

1. Tatuaje de ancla de barco de papel

Si te encanta navegar, el tatuaje de ancla es la imagen que has estado buscando. Este tatuaje es perfecto para hombres y mujeres que disfrutan de un gran sabor a libertad. ¡Así que haz esto con tu grupo de amigos o familiares, y asegúrate de abotonarte los pantalones en todo momento!

Paper Boat with Anchor Tattoo


The boat anchor tattoo is one of the body’s most popular and recognizable tattoo designs. It’s easy to see why people are so drawn to this design, as it makes a statement with its dark color, bold shape, and sense of weight and depth, and it’s one of the simple paper boat tattoo designs.

2. A simple paper boat tattoo

Did you know the world has enough paper waste to produce a million paper boats daily? This is interesting; it looks great as a tattoo design.

Simple Paper Boat Tattoo


A simple paper boat tattoo, to represent the fragility of life. This design can be an excellent way to show your love of wildlife and the open air or reflect that life is fragile, and things should be treasured.

3. A paper boat tattoo with a storm

This paper boat tattoo is framed by two small paper boats in the same pattern and color. The stormy background represents the challenges we face and how we might overcome them with perseverance, strength, and determination.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Storm


4. A paper boat tattoo with sunrise

A paper boat tattoo is a fun, colorful design that will make you smile every morning. You can get a paper boat tattoo representing optimism, hope, or faith in yourself and those around you.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Sunrise


This tattoo symbolizes hope, optimism, and happiness and would fit perfectly with paper boat tattoo ideas for men and women. From the rainbow to pirate boats, or simple fish and dolphins, there is no wrong time for a paper boat tattoo because it’s a beautiful reminder that no matter what obstacles you’re faced with, you can always count on hope and optimism to help you along.

5. Paper boat tattoo with a night scene

The concept is a unique paper boat tattoo design; exquisite dark color with white contrast gives a spectacular night view. This tattoo displays that you can effortlessly steer your way through the darkness and quickly go through the ups and downs in your life.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Night Scene


6. A pair of forearm paper boat tattoo

It’s a great piece of art with lively colors and an attractive design. Although it is a paper boat tattoo design for the forearm, you can go for it on the legs or other body parts. This tattoo can be used by both partners as a stamp of love.

Pair of Forearm Paper Boat Tattoo


7. A paper boat tattoo behind the ears

The tattoo is best suited for you if you want a minimalistic tattoo. The boat behind the ear in the tattoo is small but goes with the place. Go for it, as it won’t take long to be inked.

Behind the Ear Paper Boat Tattoo


8. A paper boat tattoo with vibrant color

This tattoo idea is perfect for those looking for colored tattoos; the design’s beauty and charm need no description, so have a look to be mesmerized.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Vibrant Color


The tattoo is charming because the colors are used to perfection, and the tattoo gives a realistic view of the sunset.

9. Circle paper boat tattoo

This is a simple paper boat tattoo design, as the excellent work of art looks very simple. All the small circles and the stars add to the magnificence of the tattoo.

Circle Paper Boat Tattoo


The tattoo will look good on any body part; you can even change its colors to make it vibrant, but the colorless tattoo is a great idea.

10. A paper boat tattoo with stars

A paper boat tattoo design with a star is a great way to show your hopefulness. The star in the design represents your wish for something better in life. It’s also ideal for those who like to share their spiritual faiths.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Stars


A paper boat tattoo with a star can be done in various styles for both men and women. It is the perfect way to start your tattoo collection, and you will be able to show them off quickly. In addition, it will feel good to show off something that symbolizes freedom, adventure, and a new beginning.

11. A paper boat tattoo with a sun and the moon

A paper boat tattoo with a sun and the moon is a great way to show your optimistic attitude. The sun in the design represents happiness, positivity, and success, while the moon represents mystery.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Sun and Moon


12. A paper boat tattoo with a moon

A paper boat tattoo with a moon is a fantastic manner to express your mysterious side. The moon in the design represents your dark side, and it’s also an excellent choice for those who want to express their love for the moon.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Moon


A paper boat with a moon is a great tattoo design for men and women looking for attention-grabbing ink. Through this piece, you can convey your love for the ocean and create an elegant look in just one shot.

13. Paper boat tattoo Finger design

The tattoo shows a small paper boat on the finger. It looks fabulous with an arrow as well. The design is ideal for you if you want a small tattoo on the finger.

Paper Boat Tattoo on Finger


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14. Tiny paper boat tattoo

The tattoo displays two tiny boats on the hands. You can have a similar tattoo with friends to show friendship. This is a great tattoo idea if you’re also looking for a minimalistic tattoo.

Tiny Paper Boat Tattoo


15. A paper boat tattoo with a large anchor

A paper boat tattoo with a large anchor is best suited for legs. The long rope of the anchor makes it suitable for the leg. The long rope represents your profound and incredible personality. The paper boat tattoo design can be tried on hands as well.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Large Anchor Tattoo


16. A paper boat tattoo on the neck

A paper boat tattoo on the neck is an excellent idea if you want to hide the tattoo and looking for a tiny one. The tattoo seems simple but can be easily hidden by clothing.

Paper Boat Tattoo on the Neck


17. A minimalistic paper boat tattoo with the moon and sky

The tattoo design is excellent for you if you love minimalistic design. The tattoo is inked to perfection on the ankle but can also be done on the hand.

Paper Boat Tattoo with Moon and Sky


18. UFO paper boat tattoo

When someone talks about UFOs, everyone likes to know more about them. This suggests that UFO paper boat tattoos will also draw much attention. The artist has done a fantastic job by showing a sinking ship with a person attracted to the UFO; the tattoo can also be related to the Bermuda triangle.

19. Deserted paper boat tattoo

It’s a contrasting paper boat tattoo design. The paper boat is shown in the desert but always belongs to the seas. So the tattoo displays your capacity to adapt to any situation in life. This tattoo will look great on the biceps. This paper boat tattoo meaning is deep and should not be ignored.

Deserted Paper Boat Tattoo


20. Paper Boat Tattoo with a Note in a Bottle

The paper boat with a note in the bottle has evolved into one of the favorite tattoo designs. It is a special form of sharing your tale with the world. So if you are looking for a memorable and elegant tattoo, look no further than this Tattoo idea.

Paper Boat Tattoo in Bottle


Adding a message in a bottle makes these tattoos look more impressive. This body art will add a sense of style, personality, and elegance to your skin. It makes you special, unique, and very attractive.

21. A paper boat tattoo with a compass

This is an excellent tattoo for someone who never seems to stop. The compass and the paper boat symbolize mobility and unlimited travel, so it’s a great idea for hikers, pilots, sailors, or anyone who loves adventure.

Este es un tatuaje que puede mostrar muchas cosas. Podría significar que eres aventurero y te gusta explorar el mundo, o podría significar que estás buscando algo nuevo en la vida.


Hay muchos diseños diferentes de tatuajes de barcos de papel para elegir. Estos son algunos de los conceptos para iniciarte. Con tantas opciones utilizables, seguramente encontrará el diseño perfecto para usted.

Recuerde, al elegir un diseño de tatuaje de barco de papel, es importante seleccionar algo que tenga un significado único para usted. De esta manera, te asegurarás de amar tu tatuaje en los años venideros. Por lo tanto, esperamos que este artículo sobre las 21 mejores ideas de tatuajes de barcos de papel para hombres y mujeres sea útil para los lectores.

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