20 Before-and-After Porch Makeovers You Need to See

Get inspired by these beautiful porch makeovers.
Front yard with plant variety and wooden house

These porch makeovers feature new colors, improved function, and updated finishes, adding instant curb appeal.

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Before: Builder-Grade Porch Remodel

before shot of cottage-style front porch with blue and yellow

This breezy back porch featured a muted color scheme of yellows, browns, and greens but lacked homey touches to invite guests to sit and stay awhile. Located right off the living room, the homeowner hoped to furnish it like a comfy indoor space.

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After: Indoor-Outdoor Porch Filled With Southern Charm

enclosed porch with blue textiles and white curtains

New screens and floor-to-ceiling drapes create the illusion of walls in interior designer Amy Spearing’s remodeled front porch. Deep furniture and details like a painted chandelier make it feel like a fully decorated room. The floors got a quick but dramatic makeover in black and white gray stripes done with chalk-finish paint. Color comes through in textiles and accessories (such as this Better Homes & Gardens Blue Teal Glazed Ceramic Garden Stool, $55, Walmart), and Spearing re-covered the armchair seat herself with fabric and a staple gun.

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Before: A Lackluster Space

Porch with wicker chairs and small table and chairs

The ho-hum front porch on this turn-of-the-century home wasn’t a complete waste of space, but it wasn’t the envy of the neighborhood either. The porch needed a fresh facelift and boosted living space. Maintaining the basic historic elements of their home, the homeowners welcomed a makeover to turn their porch into a cozy, modern retreat ripe with eclectic style.

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After: A Cozy, Modern Retreat

Porch with wicker furniture and rolling coffee table

After a fresh coat of gray paint revived the floor and steps, the porch space was outfitted with a few DIY touches, new seating areas, and layers of interesting materials and patterns. Wicker chairs made plush with cushions (like this Better Homes & Gardens Paige 4-Piece Wicker Outdoor Conversation Set, $949, Walmart) combine with modern, weathered patinas to give a relaxed and timeless feel. The coffee table, a DIY project, has oversize casters for mobility. The pendant lamp, also handmade, uses lightweight concrete in a creative and unexpected way.

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Before: Basic Beginnings

small yellow house with porch

This cheery yellow home’s architectural style was charming but vague. The facade was in need of some dedicated details.

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After: Impressive Symmetry

home exterior with symmetrical landscaping

Enhancing the house included beefing up the front porch, which suits the family-friend historic neighborhood. It now extends the entire length of the home, making it large enough to host friends. For stronger curb appeal, the homeowners added Craftsman details like painted corbels and cased tapered porch columns.

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Before: Stark Screened Porch

Empty porch with white wood walls and ceiling

With white paneled walls on one side and cement on the other, this screen porch wasn’t especially inviting. However, its neutral surroundings and large square footage were the perfect jumping-off point for the homeowners’ plan of building a hub for entertaining.

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After: Laid-Back Retreat

BHG_OJAI Porch_0227a-C_86f8199a935ee3c68c92eac8cf6a87602fae2107.jpg

A fresh coat of paint on the cement walls and ceiling brightens the room, while dark navy-black paint on the concrete floor is forgiving of spills and heavy foot traffic. Painting the door to the screen porch provides a pop of pink that carries throughout the decor. The porch functions as a conversation hub while a connected room serves as an outdoor dining room.

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Before: An Underutilized, Underdesigned Entry and Porch

White two story house with porch

Before renovation, this porch lacked appropriate scale in relation to the rest of the home. Its rickety construction and lack of visual interest served as a detriment to the curb appeal.

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After: An Expansive Front Porch Retreat

Two people and two dogs walking out of front porch

The newly redone front porch feels like a destination, thanks to key changes. First was an expansion of the seating area and a swap to a screened-in space. Architectural details, including cross-hatching at the base of the screens, also add visual interest. A wide set of stairs adds a gracious welcome to the home.

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Before: Outmoded Front Facade

Front yard of light blue with white trim house

Nondescript may be the best descriptor of this ranch-style home exterior. The front door offered an unappealing entry, and the collection of windows presented a visually unappealing, ill-proportioned front yard view.

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After: A Mix of Charming Materials and Patterns

Front yard with plant variety and wooden house

Instead of trying to hide the garage door, the homeowners took advantage of the renovation to enhance it, making it a central part of the exterior redo. Wood shake shingles offer visual texture, complemented by vertical and horizontal patterning around the doorway. A small sitting area supplies connection with the landscape, now enhanced with columnar evergreens and pretty flowers.

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Before: A Tired, Dated Exterior

Blue with white trim house

Two steps were the only design focal point of this weary-looking facade. There was no connection to the yard and uninteresting details detracted from—rather than enhanced—the quaint cottage appeal.

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After: A Welcome Front Porch

White house with blue trim and plant variety

A brand-new front porch offers a multitude of benefits for these homeowners. The expansive front porch offers a spot for resting and serves as a connection between the house and landscape. A considerate addition adds space but stays respectful of the scale of the original home, as do the restrained but thoughtful details such as the columns and porch railing. A pretty collection of midsize shrubs and perennial flowers softens the flow from the drive to the house.

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Before: An Imposing, yet Hidden Facade

Yellow house with large tree

Uninterrupted swaths of siding gave the exterior of this home a cumbersome appearance, and overgrown landscaping contributed to the dark and dreary feel of the front porch. In addition, the front exterior had been stripped of most of its architectural interest.

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After: A Revamped Cottage with Appeal

Dark wooded house with brick chimney

More windows—some small, some tall—break up both sections of the new facade. A new fireplace made of interesting stonework directs the eye upward and adds texture and visual interest. A cleaned-up landscape gives the new porch an openness and connection with the rest of the yard, and pretty details—new shutters, different types of siding—add charm.

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Before: A Worn-Out Welcome for a Dated Front Area

White house with hanging plants

A too-slim front porch offered little in the way of seating space for this overcrowded and fatigued area. Old windows and a dated door, as well as a lack of any attractive details on the facade, contributed to the disappointing porch area.

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After: A New View for a Reclaimed Front Yard

Front yard with white picket fence and columns

Although it’s only slightly wider than its previous iteration, the new front porch provides a dramatically different view of the home’s exterior. Pretty columns add Arts-and-Crafts detailing add welcoming touches, as do stone accents. A slightly curved walkway and picket fence define the front landscape. Additional details reinforce the cottage-like feel, including new windows and color-defining accents on the roofline.

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Before: A Hidden Entry and Dated Facade

Brick and white house with blue trim

Tucked away and perpendicular to the street, the entry of this home was lost. Faux shutters and a dated color scheme reinforced the lackluster exterior. A lack of color in the front yard’s plantings also did not boost this home’s curb appeal.

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After: A Redefined Entry and Updated Facade

Front yard of gray house with white trim

The homeowners kept the brick detailing on the lower portion of the home but enhanced the upper half with new shake shingles and a complementary neutral tone. Revamped windows updated the home’s front face, as did roofline details and a railing on a small porch above the garage. Perhaps the biggest change, though, was the redone front porch and entry. Even though the door retained its same placement, a small sitting area, dramatic columns, and new stairs give the home’s entry presence and definition. Pretty landscaping along the drive gives the shady setting added curb appeal.

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