17 DIY Landscaping Ideas You Can Get Started on

A back porch with seating and string lights

The Sweetest Occasion

Try out one of these DIY landscaping ideas and you’ll be amazed at the change it makes to your whole yard. There are projects that will help you improve your curb appeal, find simple landscaping solutions, and welcome your visitors into your home.

Some of these DIY landscaping ideas take just an hour or so while others may take a weekend. Plan accordingly and you’ll have a new element in your yard that will make you feel right at home.

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    Landscape and Hardscape Your Front Yard

    The front of a house with hardscaping and landscaping

    Make It & Love It

    You can really improve your curb appeal with some basic landscaping in your front yard. The pavers are a wonderful way to build a retaining wall that will keep the plants and trees in an area separate from the yard.

    Landscape and Hardscape Your Front Yard from Make It & Love It

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    Make Your Own Fire Pit

    A fire pit surrounded by a white bench

    A Beautiful Mess

    Another DIY landscaping idea is to add a fire pit to the yard or patio. This one looks great, with the fire ring surrounded by pavers. In just an afternoon, you can have it all ready for s’mores.

    Make Your Own Fire Pit from A Beautiful Mess

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    Backyard Patio & Makeover

    A backyard patio with various seating

    The Sweetest Occasion

    The before and after pictures of this backyard makeover are a must-see. A patio has been added which adds all kinds of seating options. Rock and mulch surround the area with some new plants.

    Backyard Patio & Makeover from The Sweetest Occasion

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    Tiled Front Patio

    A blue and white tiled front porch

    Lovely Indeed

    Make a bold choice and choose to tile your front patio with an eye-catching design. All kinds of planters with plants highlight the area, which includes a seating area and a play area.

    Tiled Front Patio from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Modern House Numbers

    Modern house numbers by a front door

    A Beautiful Mess

    House numbers help visitors find your home and they can be the first impression they get of your house. Making your own DIY house numbers is a quick project that will make a big impact.

    DIY Modern House Numbers from A Beautiful Mess

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    Flower Bed Edging

    Edging around a flower bed

    Funky Junk Interiors

    Create flower beds and edge them like a pro with this project. Using one simple garden tool, you’ll be able to get crisp edges separating your plant beds from your yard.

    Flower Bed Edging from Funky Junk Interiors

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    Modern Pergola

    A wood pergola in a backyard

    Lovely Indeed

    Use this DIY landscaping idea to build a pergola in your yard. A pergola will give you shade while not closing you off from the outdoors. It makes an excellent place for a seating or dining area.

    Modern Pergola from Lovely Indeed

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    Pallet Patio

    A patio decorated with wooden pallets

    A Piece of Rainbow

    You can build all kinds of items with pallets, and this project has you put together some patio furniture with them. This idea is also renter-friendly because no permanent changes are made to the patio.

    Pallet Patio from A Piece of Rainbow

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    Do It Yourself Deck Skirting

    Vertical deck skirting added to a gray deck

    Dans le Lakehouse

    The underside of a deck can be quite an eyesore. Here deck skirting is added along with some basic landscaping. It really cleans up the area and improves the whole look of the home.

    Do It Yourself Deck Skirting from Dans le Lakehous

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    Spaces for Lounging

    A backyard with a fire pit and couch

    Studio DIY!

    Spaces for lounging have been created around the landscaping which includes large plants and trees. A tiled patio pulls it all together.

    Spaces for Lounging from Studio DIY!

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    String Light Posts

    String lights over a fire pit and chairs

    The Navage Patch

    A lovely way to brighten up your yard is with string lights. This plan for string light posts gives you a place to hang the lights. It’s a nice effect that looks great at night.

    String Light Posts from The Navage Patch

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    Rocky Plant Bed

    A backyard patio with a corner full of rocks for plants

    Centsational Style

    Here landscaping is brought right up to the porch. The corner of the porch is covered with white pebbles and then rocks and plants are brought in. It’s a unique look that may just look great on your patio.

    Rocky Plant Bed from Centsational Style

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    Easy Outdoor Furniture

    Pallet furniture sitting in a yard

    A Piece of Rainbow

    Build some easy outdoor furniture that you can sit right in your yard. This simple pallet table and bench are made to look modern with pops of color and rocks filling up the bottom of the table.

    Easy Outdoor Furniture from A Piece of Rainbow

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    Install a DIY Rock Water Fountain

    A rock fountain

    Joyful Derivatives

    This rock water fountain is a surprisingly easy project that you can place anywhere within your landscaping. It’s a great way to put your own touch on your outdoor area.

    Install a DIY Rock Water Fountain from Joyful Derivatives

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    Build a Porch Swing

    A back deck with a woman on a porch swing

    Simply Designing

    Build a porch swing and hang it anywhere in your yard, garden, or deck. It’s a slightly advanced woodworking project so you’ll need some experience before tackling this project.

    Build a Porch Swing from Simply Designing

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    How to Build a Picket Fence

    A white picket fence in front of a pink and white house

    At Home With Ashley

    Adding a fence to your yard can be a great way to separate some sections from each other. In this project, you’ll find out how to build a picket fence and add it to your yard.

    How to Build a Picket Fence from At Home With Ashley

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    Cedar Cube Solar Landscape Lights

    Solar lights in a landscaping ring

    The Navage Patch

    These landscape lights have been upgraded in the best way possible. A block of cedar is used to replace those unsightly sticks that never seem to stay in the ground.

    Cedar Cube Solar Landscape Lights from The Navage Patch

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