15 Absurd Things The Rock Does To Stay Healthy

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gone from being a massive WWE superstar from the Attitude Era to one of the most recognized movie stars in the world, and his incredible success over the years is mostly due to his insane work ethic that makes it all possible. Ever since getting his first starring movie role in The Scorpion King, The Rock has been working extremely hard to make sure he could get even more big movie roles in the future, even sacrificing his career in the WWE to become a full-time movie star.

The Rock has definitely come a long way since “retiring” from the WWE, as he has appeared in many blockbuster movies over the years and even landed second on Forbes’ highest paid actors of 2017, behind Mark Wahlberg. One thing which is key to all his success is his insane training regime, which makes it possible for him to look this ripped all the time. The Rock is extremely disciplined when it comes to training and maintaining a strict diet, and does some surprisingly weird things in order to always keep himself in top shape.

Be it working out like a madman in the gym or maintaining a diet which seems bewildering to a normal person, The Rock does some very absurd things in order to stay healthy, as we take a look at some of them here.

15He Consumes An Unreal Amount Of Protein

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The Rock’s diet has already been mentioned earlier on, but the reason why he remains so fit and strong is that of the amount of protein which he consumes. He’s definitely a hard-core carnivore and does not let down on the meat at all, as he consumes an amount of meat per day which not many can finish in a week. This might be a bit uncomfortable for the vegetarians, but The Rock’s insane protein consumption includes him all kinds of meat, fish, and eggs throughout his 7-meal-a day diet.

The Great One starts his day with a HEAVY breakfast which includes him eating 10 ounces of cod and two whole eggs, which have a lot of protein.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the Brahma Bull, who consumes around 16 ounces of even more cod as well as 8 ounces of steak in his next three meals. As if that’s not enough to fill his stomach, The Rock has 10 more ounces of Cod in his 6th meal before rounding off his protein diet with an incredible 10-egg white omelet in his final meal, as one can imagine that his incredible intake of protein is a big reason for his ripped figure.

The Rock’s dedication to hitting the gym is unparallel to anyone else and even though it isn’t really necessary for him to continue his insane training regime when he’s travelling around for shooting a movie or some other promotional work, he does not let up and is known to actually travel around with his own modified gym set! He has his own workers who help to carry around the 18,000 kg gym set with him where-ever he goes and even though some of the movie sets or places he stays in have their own state-of-the-art gymnasium’s, The Rock likes to do it in his own comfortable modified gym set which is definitely one of a kind.

In an Instagram post, The Brahma Bull actually spoke about how he never sacrifices his training regime even when he’s not at home:

“I travel with this entire hardcore gym to every location I shoot in because (for me) it’s the only way this lead dog eats”. He also spoke about how adamant he is at finishing his insane training regime that even if he has to relieve himself, he actually pees in a bottle rather than going to the bathroom and wasting precious time. It’s quite sure that The Rock doesn’t get the comfort of home when he’s traveling around, but he makes sure he has a comfortable gym with him where he can work-out like a beast.


13He Has An Intense Running Session At 4 AM

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While normal people tend to be in the midst of a very good night’s sleep at 4 in the morning, The Rock is already up and ready to start his day with an intense training session at a time when the sun is yet to rise. The Rock wakes up by around 3:30 in the morning and gets ready to rumble half an hour later, after which he goes on an intense running session which is almost unthinkable for other people. He drinks a cup of coffee after waking up, after which he jumps straight into his elliptical machine and stars his insane running regime.

The Rock pulls on his headphones and starts running like an absolute mad-man and runs so fast that his t-shirt becomes so wet that you can actually rinse the sweat of it.

He does his intense cardio session for about 35-50 minutes without stopping in the morning and tends to keep his body in top shape when the sun is about to rise outside.

He does not miss a single day of cardio and never hits the snooze button on his phone even if he only gets around 3 hours of sleep. This amount of commitment to training proves why the Brahma Bull has succeeded over the years, with his insane dedication being an inspiration to those who are willing to start working out.


12His Post-Breakfast Training Session Is Exceptional

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We’ve already seen at how The Rock starts off his day by having an intense cardio session in the early morning, after which he has a rather heavy breakfast and is ready to properly pump it out in the gym afterward. His body is ready for breakfast, enabling him to hit the gym, where he has a training session which is something only the Rock can do. The Rock starts clangin’ and bangin’ in the gym and in his six-days-a-week training schedule, he hits the iron and starts working on all his body parts including his legs, back, shoulders, biceps, chest, and triceps. He mostly mixes it up among the dumbbells, cables, barbells, and machines to test his body to the limit.

The Rock has a constantly changing training routine and he adapts his body to fit under the different kinds of training regime, as he usually does 4 sets of 12 reps with a 60-90 second rest. He is arguably the hardest worker in the gym when working out, and speaking about his what it means to him, he quoted: “I can’t imagine my life without training, honestly. And for getting results—as with anything in life, but especially with working out—there’s no substitute for hard work.” This itself proves the unbelievable passion The Rock has for working out and his insane post-breakfast training session is a big reason for his ripped physique.


11He Eats An Absurd Amount Of Veggies

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The Rock has one of the most ripped, muscular figures in all of Hollywood right now and even at the age of 46, he looks much younger than he is and has maintained his impeccable figure really well. The Brahma Bull has spoken about how his strict diet is the reason for him successfully maintaining his bulky figure and the amount of food he eats per day is absolutely astounding. Apart from eating like a true carnivore and gouging on meat every day, The Rock makes sure to have his vegetables each and every day because of how important it is for his health.

While some people tend to cringe at the sight of having vegetables in their meals throughout the day, The Rock makes sure to have some specific veggies every single day.

In his numerous meals throughout his daily routine, he eats his veggies at least 3-4 times a day.

The People’s Champ eats around two cups of broccoli every day along with two cups of asparagus as well. While most people might hate eating those vegetables, The Rock has them every day to keep his body running as those green vegetables play a big part in giving him the energy to work out like a madman and keep himself in fit shape.

10He Picks His Clothing Carefully To Flaunt His Figure

The Rock’s style was rather questionable when he initially debuted in the WWE and had a very average look to himself, with the viral picture of him wearing a fanny pack giving people the wrong impression that The Brahma Bull had no sense of style whatsoever. His sense of making himself look good by choosing the appropriate clothing has definitely gotten better over the years and he has been fairly picky about what he wears to the grand events these days. He’s attained quite the perfect figure and for that, he picks his clothing very carefully in order to show it off perfectly in front of all the cameras.

The Rock’s own brand “Under Armor” Project Rock collection is a well-known, successful line of clothing. The Rock himself is more suited to wearing the best quality of his brand’s clothing which make him and his brand look fabulous. He is also known to be picking his tracksuits by himself and often getting his suits tailored before wearing them as he wants them in perfect shape so that it can flaunt his impressive physique perfectly for the camera. The Rock’s choice of clothing and carrying himself has definitely worked over the years, as he was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2016 and has many ladies wooing over him.


9He Maintains His Intense Training Schedule During Movie Shooting

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Not many would’ve predicted that The Rock would become the huge star he is today in Hollywood when he initially left the WWE for a new career which upset many wrestling fans back then. But the insane hard-work he has done over the years has helped him rise to the very top of Hollywood, and he’s appearing in many blockbuster movies with each passing year. His demand for many movies means that The Rock has to spend a lot of time shooting for a movie he’s about to appear to and while some people like to give their training a rest during this time, it isn’t the case for the Great One.

The Rock just loves his training like anyone and as we’ve seen earlier on, he brings along his own modified gymnasium where-ever he travels to for shooting a scene. Not only that, but he maintains an intense training regime even when he’s off shooting a movie and wakes up really early in the morning to try and get his work-out done before he has to go shooting. He makes sure to do some cardio and lifting before he’s off to do a scene and tries doing a hardcore work-out for 90 minutes during the days of his shooting and this dedication proves why The Rock’s a top star in Hollywood nowadays.


8A Lot Of Supplement Intake

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The Rock is known to do a lot of exercises in order to maintain his near-perfect physique but along with that, he also has to take a lot of supplements which make it possible for him to test himself to the limit and workout like a freak every single day. The Brahma Bull is known to intake different kinds of supplementary powders with his meal which help to give him the needed energy and strength in order for his insane daily work-outs, as the supplements also help to bulk up his body even more.

After his early-morning cardio routine, The Brahma Bull is known to take 4-6 scoops of Optimum Amino Energy which is basically a mixture of caffeine and amino acids.

It helps him to give him a lot of energy for the rest of his workout regime for the rest of the day and is also known to help with muscle recovery. After his work-out later in the day, The Rock also intakes around 60 grams of Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Hydrowhey with 15 grams of glutamine. This basically helps in enabling his muscles from recovering from the heavy training, and these crazy amount of supplements are key to helping his body function and properly recover from the insane training he does every day.


7He Lifts An Unbelievable Amount Of Weights Throughout The Day


The Rock had probably learnt a lot about having to work it out in the gym right from his WWE days where he had to work hard in order to become “The People’s Champ” but in the past few years, right after he attained mainstream stardom in movies, it seems like that has encouraged him to take it up a notch. The Rock has spoken about his training regime and indicated that he basically lifts unbelievable amounts of weight throughout his day and tries to take his body to its absolute limit by lifting some heavy machinery throughout his rigorous training sessions.

The Rock is known to be able to bench press 275 pounds easily and he’s been able to press almost 450 pounds as well. When it comes to lifting dead-weights, he is known to do lateral raises with dumb-bells weighing around 25-30 kilos.

When he’s doing flat bench dumbbell presses, he lifts more than a 100 kilos and is known to do 4-5 sets of it as well!

He does not let up and does a minimum of 4 sets whenever he’s lifting weights throughout his day and the result of that can be seen in his incredible muscular figure. A normal person wouldn’t be able to lift half the weights The Rock does, but the Brahma Bull always raises the bar for himself in order to attain an even better physical shape.


6His Consumption Of Carbohydrates Is Insane

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The general thinking about diet-conscious people around the world is that Carbohydrates are like a bane for their health and should not be consumed at any rate. But one of the fittest men in Hollywood in the Rock definitely does not believe in that thinking, as he actually eats an insane amount of carbs each day because he firmly believes that “Carbs Are Your Friend” and play a big part in building a proper physique for himself. In almost every meal which he consumes each day, The Rock does not leave out his carbs and actually intakes around over 500g of carbs per day, which is much more than an average male in America.

While most people think that carbs are bad for your health, The Rock definitely does not have that same thinking as he starts his day itself by eating a lot of carbs!

He starts his day by eating 12 ounces of sweet potatoes in his 2nd meal, another 12 ounces of baked potatoes in his fifth meal of the day and has a lot of white rice as well! He has a routine of consuming carbs like this almost all of the six days in which he undergoes rigorous training and The Rock’s unique diet plan proves why he’s got a physical shape unlike any other.


5He Works Out With Some HEAVY Kettlebells

The Rock is known to lift some really heavy weights as we’ve already seen how much of a heavy weight-lifter The Brahma Bull really is and while he does a lot of lifting through dumbbells, he is also very intent on working out with kettlebells. Now Kettlebell is a lump of metal with a handle, which was normally used by the Soviet Wrestlers during the cold war, as The Rock found it’s important in 2004 and has been very intent on working out with Kettlebells ever since. He does the workout with kettlebells multiple times every week and lifts some very heavy weights which are especially difficult when dealing with a kettlebell.

So he works out with the Kettlebell in order to improve his upper body strength and also to build on those impeccable muscles on his, but the amount of weight he lifts through the Kettlebells is astounding. The Rock is known to work out with kettlebells as heavy as almost 34 Kilos in order to improve his core strength and grip strength, and he never lets up and always tries to up the ante for himself. Not even many professional wrestlers tend to work out with Kettlebells, which proves how The Rock is “ahead of the curve” and an inspiration for heavy-lifters by working out with such massive machinery.


4Almost 5,000 Calories Per Day


While The Rock has the ability to work harder than anyone else when he’s in the midst of an intense training session in the gym, but he’s proven to be able to eat much more than a normal human being because of his insane diet regime. It might seem to some that he’s over-eating knowing the food he has every-day, but all that is needed to give him the ability to test his body to the limit in the gym. In his insane 7-meal diet every-day, The Rock consumes a lot of protein and good carbs and at the end of the day has consumed over 5,000 calories every single day!

To put it into perspective, the recommended calorie intake of a normal person is around 2,500 per day but The Rock overlaps that by consuming double that amount! He has over 1000 calories in his afternoon meal where he has 8 ounces of chicken, two cups of rice and some vegetables. He consumes 1,000 calories of cod each day alone and spends an amazing $1,400 per year on fish which is crucial for his diet. The Rock has the diet of normally an Olympic Athlete and even though he doesn’t necessarily have to, he intakes this incredible amount of calorie so he can pump it out in the gym and attain an even more perfect physique.


3His Cheat Day Meal Is Crazy

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Almost everyone who is on a “diet” tends to have their own “cheat day” in a week in which they gobble up on all kinds of junk, fatty food which they’ve been avoiding all week long. Now we’ve already seen how The Rock can more food in a day than most people can in a week, but even he surprisingly has a cheat day where he loves to eat up some junk, “unhealthy” food which he’s normally not allowed to. But to prove that he’s no ordinary human, The Rock has a cheat day meal like no other as his cheat day meal itself is more than 15,000 calories which is triple what he consumes on normal days.

His cheat day meal starts with gobbling up a dozen chocolate chip pancakes and he loves to sometimes put a bit of apple pie on top of it as well.

If that isn’t enough to fill his appetite, he also goes onto eat 4 double dough pizzas himself during his cheat day.

He also has a sweet tooth and loves to feed it on his cheat day by eating 21 brownies. This insane cheat day meal proves that even The Rock loves to let go and gobble up on junk here and there, but the amount which he eats is staggering.


2His Preparation Methods For Movie Roles Is Astounding

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It’s because of how successful his movies have been in the box office is why The Rock has been getting a flurry of offers over the past few years and because of the different kinds of roles he selects, he often needs to plan out some different kinds of way to prepare him for the characters. The Rock has often changed his diet and the way he trains in order to prepare for a certain role differently than he normally does, going the extra mile in changing his preparation methods if the role is an especially grueling one in which he needs to change up his shape.

The Rock upped the ante of his working-out regime for his role in “Hercules” and started to train rigorously for six days a week in order to attain the look of a demi-god. For the same, he also changed up his diet and created his own “12 Labors” diet which he explained as quoted: “For ‘Hercules,’ it was a 22-week diet, full on. I’d eat a bunch of egg whites, filet mignon, chicken, fish, oatmeal, broccoli, asparagus, a baked potato, cream of rice, salad and complex carbs. All of this measured and weighed.” He prepares himself in different ways for different movies and adapts his training regime and diet accordingly to bring out the best results and turn his films into blockbusters.


1He Has A Rather Pricy Skin-Care Routine


Even at the age of 46, The Rock manages to look much younger than he is and has maintained himself really well over the past few years with his appearance showing no signs of aging at all. While his physique itself is something even a person half his age would be jealous of, his appearance has also been astounding over the years because of how well the Brahma Bull has maintained himself after realizing the need to hide his aging. While we’ve seen the amount of insane working out he does every-day, he also manages to reserve time to take good care of his skin and appearance.

The Rock himself revealed the kinds of skin-care treatment he applies to keep his skin in fantastic condition as he uses Neutrogena Deep Cream Face Wash which is basically a face cleanser and removes all your dead cells, keeping your skin much softer and fresher than usual. While this is available for an affordable $5, he also applies Lancer or La Mer creams which is definitely a lot more expensive. The La Mer Moisturizing Cream costs around $85 and is created especially to repair dull and dry skin as well as eliminated wrinkles. He also drinks plenty of tequila to help keep his skin in great condition and his exhaustive skin-care has paid off because he still has a fantastic appearance.


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